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For walls and ceilings.

Our sliding fixings work on the same principle as the “single-boss” Grapplefix but can have one or more sliding bosses (we refer to these as “sliders”), which can slide on extended stainless steel back plates (each up to 95 mm in length). Multiple back plates can also be joined with an integrated “living hinge”, which allows the back plate to bend at defined intervals (e.g. 95 mm) to facilitate installation of extended back plates (e.g. 190 mm) where required.

  1. The fixing can accommodate more than one fastener (bolt) at a minimum separation distance (between centres) of 30 mm
  2. The C-shaped stainless steel back plate profile is incredibly strong and cannot be pulled through the plasterboard
  3. For the first time in plasterboard, multiple bolts can be inter-connected by steel back plates placed behind the plasterboard (within the cavity). These steel back plates can also be placed in parallel. This is ideal for when larger brackets such as TV brackets are required as the plasterboard can be braced across the entire (extended) area of the front bracket or plate, which greatly enhances the strength of the plasterboard due to a sandwiching effect. Instead of the conventional method of using 6 individual fixings (for example), we can install 3 (or more) parallel steel back plates, each with 2 (or even 3) fixings
  4. The spacing between bolts can be infinitely varied simply by sliding the “sliders” along the back plate into the correct position so there are no restrictions on the type of bracket being used
  5. Installation is straightforward and quick – no “blocking” is required. This means that we can tackle first floor ceilings where access is usually not possible
  6. Perfect for light fittings where an extended back plate area is recommended to spread the load as much as possible
  7. Some light fittings require more than one fastener (bolt). Multiple individual fixings are ineffective for ceiling installations as bolts / bracket holes are often close together
  8. Another innovation (for ceilings only) is to invert the configuration. This means that only one larger hole (e.g. 20 mm) is required for initial installation as the bosses are not required to engage within the plasterboard. A second smaller hole (e.g. 6 mm) is required only for the second bolt. The larger hole may also be used to pass through electrical cable as there will be excess space. Inverting the back plate strengthens the overall configuration because the sliders will now be above the back plate making pull through almost impossible

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